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  • Top 8 Villa Rentals on Barbados

    While certainly a paradise in every way imaginable, Barbados is more than just scenic beaches and palm trees. Along with its rich history and culture, Barbados has everything you need to plan the holiday trip of a lifetime.

  • Charles Regatta

    Every year since 1965 on the second to last full weekend in October, the banks of the Charles River in Massachusetts fill with excited fans about to witness the ultimate two-day rowing competition: The Head of Charles Regatta (HOCR).

  • 10 Wonders of PEI National Park

    Prince Edward Island, once completely covered in coastal Acadian forest, is Canada's maybe smallest province, but greenest of them all. Established in 1937 one and only National Park of the province is identify today as being the most endangered among nati…

  • Bird Watching at Long Point Ontario

    Every fall, the province of Ontario becomes a bird watcher’s paradise. Flocks of birds pass through the region on their migratory routes, making it a prime time for birders to catch glimpses of all kinds of birds, ranging from commonplace year-round feathe…

  • Cape Spear Historic Site

    Cape Spear National Historic Site is not only historically important, the area is also beautiful and teeming with life. A place of historic significance and of natural beauty, Cape Spear is a fantastic getaway for you and your family.

  • Florida Keys Birding Festival

    Bird enthusiasts flock to the Florida Keys each September for the annual Florida Keys Birding and Wildlife Festival. The festival is centered at Curry Hammock State Park, although activities will take place all over the island chain from Dry Tortugas to Ke…

  • Free Things to Do in Montreal

    If you're looking for one of the most exciting places for a holiday, look no further than the thriving city of Montreal with its endless possibilities for fun and adventure.

  • Gastown Vancouver Coffee Shops

    No matter where you are in the world, sometimes you just need a really good cup of coffee. Whether you need an extra boost to wake up in the morning or a little jolt to get through the afternoon, a quality coffee shop is a necessity in a vacation destinati…

  • Gulf Islands Top Activities

    There is plenty to explore throughout Gulf Islands National Park and tons of activities to enjoy that allow you to get outside, get some fresh air and create lasting memories.

  • Maui Whale Festival

    The Maui Whale Festival celebrates the thousands of humpback whales that migrate to the waters surrounding the island each winter and spring as its a primary mating and calving area for these animals in the United States.