Nestled within the majestic Laurentian Mountains, Mont-Tremblant is a city in Quebec that's geared toward more of an outdoor, thrill-seeking crowd due to its sheer abundance of wilderness and winter activities. While this Mont-Tremblant gets most of its notoriety from the famous year-round ski resorts that reside along the base of the actual mountain called Mont Tremblant, skiing is certainly not the only thing visitors to this outdoor haven.

Mont Tremblant gets its name from the Algonquin natives who originally inhabited the terrain, and literally translates to "trembling mountain." The allusion to severe quivering in fear is likely a reference to the peak of Mont Tremblant, which rises more than 875 metres n the air, making it one of the highest peaks throughout all of the Laurentian Mountains. Sure, for lovers of extreme outdoor activities, Mont-Tremblant can definitely suit your needs, but this city should come off as anything but intimidating.

There are a variety of interests one can pursue in Mont-Tremblant, ranging from exploring the culture of the Ville de Mont Tremblant firsthand to ziplining through the evergreen forests that surround the Laurentian Mountain ranges. No matter what the season is, it's always an ideal time to check out everything this cozy, yet invigorating environment. The only time you'll be trembling during your Mont-Tremblant holiday will be at the sheer thought of leaving!

Mont Tremblant


Although Mont-Tremblant gets most of its notoriety from all its inviting winter activities, the summer season is also an excellent time to explore all the city has to offer. Staying active is a celebrated ideology for the locals whenever the sun is shining, so here are just a few of the ways you can relish the great outdoors during a summer trip to Mont-Tremblant:

See the Sights

If you've just arrived at Mont-Tremblant, it's probably a good idea to go out and witness all the natural splendour the surrounding sights of the city possess. But for those who are looking for a way to view the wilderness that isn't so dull, you'll want to book a trip with the Dune Buggy Guided Tours. Adrenaline fuels this unforgettable outdoor excursion experience, as tour guide professionals will take you and your party through numerous off road trails so you can get a firsthand look at just how marvelous all the Mont-Tremblant scenery truly is. Tours generally last around 90 minutes, and there are a variety of packages available to find the dune buggy adventure you're looking for.

For visitors looking for a more serene method of transportation to take in all the gorgeous views, you can also line up a horseback riding expedition that can take you through the heart of the Laurentians forest, winding through several mountain valleys and completely remote areas. Mont Tremblant Horseback Riding expeditions also offer three different kinds of tours for families to book, including a one-hour forest ride, 1.5-hour mountain and forest tour as well as a two-hour sunset ride, which will be sure to take your breath away.

Conquer the Water

For a Mont-Tremblant journey that will forever remain fresh in your heart and memories, try securing a white water rafting trek through The Activity Centre. Beginning at the gorge of the Rouge River, take your pick of a full or half day rafting adventure that you send you and your party twisting and turning your way through a series of waves and rapids. The summer time is also when professional tour guides will take you into the rigorous Seven Sisters rapids, and each trip will also feature multiple stops along the way so you can take a break and enjoy all the pristine sandy beaches you'll encounter along the winding water channels.

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Mont-Tremblant rental property #231501

Make a Splash

If you're in dire need of finding a place to occupy the energy of any younger members of your traveling party, spending the day at the Supernautique Watersport Day Camp can serve as the ultimate babysitter. This water recreational heaven is an ode to the days of summer camp, featuring plenty of diversity when it comes to all the aqua activities available. From waterskiing and wakeboarding to beach volleyball and pontoon boat lunches, kids of all ages will be sure to have a blast at the Supernautique Watersport Day Camp. You also can't forget about the famous inflatable iceberg, that awaits children to climb and trounce under careful supervision.

Aerial Astonishment

The scenic route gets an exciting makeover with the ziplining courses available in Mont-Tremblant. You'll be soaring as high as around 20 metres in the air, gliding past towering trees with your pick of three separate distinct routes. From the intermediate course called "The Geant," to the more expert-driven "The Diable," families and couples have a selection of ways they can ascend through the evergreen terrain that's sure to leave you trembling with exhilaration.

Mont Tremblant


Once the weather starts to cool down and sightings of snow become more routine is when Mont-Tremblant truly builds up its allure. There are essentially so many one-of-a-kind experiences you can share during the winter season in Mont-Tremblant, that choosing between all the activities might be the most difficult part of your trip. Here are some highlights of all the wintertime recreation you can encounter for yourself:

Ski Your Heart Out

When it comes to finding the pinnacle of Mont-Tremblant culture and captivation, look no further than trying out a skiing excursion for yourself. The Mont Tremblant Ski Resort is the utopia for skiing in the city, with 95 different trails on four mountain courses, along with 14 separate lifts that will aerially lead you to the beginning of your snowy descent. Multi-day tickets are available for riders who need at least a few rounds to truly conquer the slopes of Mont Tremblant, and there are even private lessons available for any beginners looking to finally master the frigid hills.

If speed and descending aren't your idea of a rousing day of skiing, head to Mont Tremblant National Park to spend some time partaking in a cross-country skiing voyage. The park features more than 53 kilometres of skiing trails, spread over 10 distinct circuits that range in course difficulty. The trails also come equipped with various stopping points, featuring warming huts heated with a wood stove, ideal for taking a break and indulging in a heart-warming snack. Mont Tremblant National Park also contains more than 400 lakes and streams for visitors hoping to take part in some ice skating, and be sure to keep your eye out for the 40-plus mammal species that call the park home during a snowshoe hiking session.

Mont Tremblant

Sleigh Bells Jingling

After engaging in hours of enduring ski trails, sit back, relax and take in all the winter wonderland during a sleigh ride through the Laurentian Mountains. Up to five passengers will be transported by two percheron horses as a professional tour guide will take you through the frosty territory of the mountainsides, providing one opportunity after another to snap the ultimate holiday picture.

Canine Cruises

For a winter traveling experience like no other, book a dogsledding journey with Expedition Wolf, where qualified guides and their canine companions will lead you through more than 10 kilometres of Laurentian Mountain trails. There are more than 250 huskies available to steer you through the snow mountain passes, and each trek will include multiple chances to stop alongside pristine viewing posts overlooking the majestic valleys below.

Supreme Snow

If you prefer not to have an animal guide you throughout your winter Mont Tremblant journeys, take matters into your own hands with a Tremblant snowmobile tour. Here you can ride the newest snowmobiles on the market, which are replaced by the staff every year and primarily feature quieter and cleaner 4-stroke machines so you don't have to be a noisy nuisance during your trip. Each snowmobile guide begins with an introduction to the equipment and machines you'll be using, as well as a instruction introduction to use your snowmobile, so you'll be an expert at no time when it comes to trekking the snow banks.

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Mont-Tremblant rental property #319016

Frosty Fishing

Nothing celebrates a winter in Canada like going out for an ice fishing session, and Mont Tremblant has plenty of accommodating environments to allow visitors to partake in a revered Quebec pastime. Fishing enthusiasts are encouraged to give this authentic winter activity a try, and there are professional ice fishing experts available to provide you with modern equipment as well as effective tips for catching more fish.

Relish the Relaxation

It's easy to get a little worn out after engaging in all the exciting, yet demanding winter activities available in Mont Tremblant. Make sure to treat you and your aching muscles to a spa experience unparalleled to anywhere else in the country at the Scandinave Spa. Ease your holiday tension by indulging your senses with everything from outdoor Scandinavian baths in their full-on nature spa to several types of authentic massage techniques that will be sure to eliminate any soreness you've recently endured.

Mont Tremblant


While all the thrills and adventure provide a more stimulating holiday experience, you need to make sure you're taking in all the rich culture the city of Mont Tremblant possesses. From being engulfed by the talents of local artists to relishing an excellent brunch while overlooking the immaculate mountain ranges, here are some ways you can encounter Mont Tremblant culture firsthand:

Visit the Villages

There are essentially four municipalities in the Mont Tremblant area that have merged together to become the Ville de Mont Tremblant: Ville St. Jovite, Paroisse de Saint-Jovite, Mont Tremblant and Lac-Tremblant-Nord. Each region has its own distinctive personality, with Paroisse de Saint-Jovite essentially serving as the downtown epicentre of the community. Exploring Saint-Jovite is where to go for any travellers looking to shop at authentic local outlets and departments, as well as taste the foods and beverages that make Mont Tremblant all the more unforgettable.

Adhere to Art

If you're trying to get acquainted with the arts scene of Mont Tremblant, check out the Salle Alphonse-Desjardins, a local showroom in the city that constantly features various exhibits ranging from Painters, sculptors to photographs collectives. This is the place to be to appeal for your passion of arts, where typical seminars and workshops have been known to include everything from learning the elements of glass blowing attending lectures of famous Canadian painters. If you're trying to bring a piece of Mont Tremblant artwork back home with you, stop by the Place de la Gare, where you can find dozens of local artists hanging their sculptures or portraits for sale.

Mont Tremblant

Eat Like a King

If you're ever trying to pack for an outdoor picnic along the trails of the Laurentian Mountains, make sure to visit Plaisirs de Provence and La Cave à Bières, the food market headquarters while staying in Mont Tremblant. Plaisirs de Provence is where to find plenty of homemade condiments and deli items, as well as locally crafted tableware and bath products. La Cave à Bières is your pit stop for the freshest smoked meats in the area, as well as a variety of beers created in the Quebec area.

For an enlightening breakfast experience to start off your holiday morning, you need to try the crepes at Creperie Catherine. The menu is essentially infinite with incredible dining options, including taking your pick of specially made crepes ranging from seafood, pizza, Hawaiian, caramel apple or banana split. Creperie Catherine is definitely your go-to breakfast stop for authentic Quebec dining in Mont Tremblant.

Grab a Pint

Mont Tremblant pubs don't get any better than indulging in some fine locally crafted beers at La Diable. Only here can you schedule a tasting sessions for you and your holiday party, where you'll be served critically acclaimed microbrew recipes from all the surrounding regions, as well as be enlightened to all the brewing methods and tactics that went into each final product.

If you're in pursuit of finding a more youthful and energetic bar environment, spend a night dancing it up at P'tit Caribou. This is a pub with character, where serves dancing on the table is a common sight and the tunes keep going strong until well past midnight.

Holidays can't get much more memorable than experiencing Mont Tremblant for everything it's worth. There are also hundreds of accommodating rental houses and condos available to suit all your hospitality needs during your stay. When it comes to northern excursions, this is a city that will provide travellers with one exclusive activity after another, so be sure to book your Mont Tremblant journey today!