Pristine Wilderness in Alberta Parks

There are 80 magnificent national and provincial parks in Alberta, including many of the most visited and most beautiful natural areas in Canada. From the majestic Banff and Jasper National Parks in the Rocky Mountains, to the lovely Waterton Lakes on the U.S. border and the fascinating Dinosaur Provincial Park southeast of Calgary, Alberta parks are as diverse and intriguing as the landscape itself.

Just north of Banff is Jasper National Park, which includes more than 1,000 kilometers of hiking trails winding through the Rockies. Jasper has also been designated as the world’s largest Dark Sky Preserve, which means it has committed to protecting the visibility of the night sky through minimal outdoor lighting and public education. So when you step outside at night, you will discover a simply breathtaking view of an endless carpet of stars and our beautiful, bright moon right over your head.

The Beauty of Alberta Lakes

Alberta’s mountains are a dramatic setting for its thousands of world-famous glacial lakes. The most visited of all Alberta lakes is the lovely Lake Louise. Sitting high in the Rocky Mountains between Banff and Jasper, Lake Louise is known around the world for its striking setting and its unique light-emerald color. Nestled between two peaks, with a historic grand hotel on its shore, the lake is unique for its gentle blue-green hues, caused by the powdered rock carried into it by melted glacier water. People have come from everywhere to photograph this beauty, and Alberta vacation home rentals near Lake Louise are popular with all visitors.

Active Days, Relaxing Evenings in the Rocky Mountains

There are so many reasons to consider renting a vacation home in Alberta. The Rocky Mountains offer some of the best skiing in North America, world-class golf courses with remarkable views and some of the most luxurious ways to relax. You can practice yoga at sunrise in a mountaintop retreat, and then hike all afternoon through pristine forests. After your exertion, soak in the region’s natural hot springs, rich in revitalizing minerals, then sit back and enjoy a soothing nightcap under a sea of stars.

With so many ways to enjoy your Alberta vacation, and so much natural beauty to explore, why not consider the wonder of Canada’s Rocky Mountains for your next family vacation getaway?