There certainly is an endless supply of outdoor opportunities year-round in Alberta, Canada. You can spend hours staring into the scenic bliss of all the nearby mountains, lakes and forests, and from horseback rides during a summer afternoon to the gentle trickle of snowflakes once winter settles in, it's harder to find a more breathtaking and tranquil destination.

A mere 90-minute drive away from the Calgary airport, this provincial park is a must-see destination for anyone interested in truly capturing the beauty of the Canadian outdoors. Here's your go-to guide for all the engaging, stimulating and spectacular things you can partake and accomplish during a trip to Canmore Nordic Centre Park.

Pristine Skiing

If there's anything you can take away from a winter holiday at the Canmore Nordic Centre Park, it's comfort knowing you've mastered some of the most highly regarded skiing terrain in the entire country. Cross-country skiing fanatics will go bonkers over all the courses, trails and conditions that set these premises apart from the rest of the pack.

Canmore Nordic Centre Park offers guests the opportunity of navigating through more than 65 kilometres of natural and man-made trails, as well as a 6.5-kilometre illuminated path, perfect for a nighttime skiing session. Imagine being able to glide past the immaculate forest terrain of Bow Valley or taking in the majestic view of the stoic Canadian Rockies while navigating through smoothly packed snow.

Whether you're an amateur on skis or a seasoned veteran of many trails, all skill levels will find reward in journeying through the cross-country ski trails at Canmore Nordic Centre Park.

Grab Your Bike

Whether it's a sunny afternoon during an Alberta summer or the snow is beginning to fall in the heart of winter, there's never a bad time to fly down the dozens of biking trails Canmore Nordic Centre Park has available.

Anyone interested in mountain biking during the warm weather will be glad to hear that there are more than 100 kilometres of biking trail networks scattered throughout the park's premises. The tracks are also accessible in a wide variety of difficulties, such as wider dirt roads for anyone looking to take things slow and marvel at surrounding scenery, to more narrow, single-track trails for more advanced riders in pursuit of that downhill rush.

Not having a mountain bike isn't an excuse for not taking advantage of these trails, as Canmore Nordic Centre Park offers annual bike rental services, as well as sales, repairs and even guided lessons and tours from professional staff. You also better think twice if you think biking is solely limited to the summer, as snow biking is a well-established method of winter transportation in this neck of the woods.

Take in the Scenery

You don't have to go extremes to witness the incredible surroundings at Canmore Nordic Centre Park. Plan the ultimate hiking expedition with a day trip for your family, taking your pick of the dozens of walking trails, depending on your scenic preferences.

Set out along the Georgetown Trail, a 3.5-kilometre journey that will ultimately guide you to the elegant banks of the Bow River, as well as the site of Georgetown, a small town that used to be primarily used for mining. Head out on the Grassi Lakes Trail, one of the more popular and family friendly paths available at Canmore Nordic Centre Park. This trail features a wide variety of scenery, ranging from dense evergreen forests with occasional wildlife spotting to mountain cliffs overlooking the sky-reflecting Grassi Lakes.

Canmore Nordic Centre Park is where to go for leisurely strolls amid the heart of the Canadian wilderness.

Set Out on a Quest

If you've yet to be enlightened to the thrill of orienteering, it's time for you and your travel party to experience this ultimate combination of outdoor skills and strategy. Orienteering is essentially a sport that requires participants to complete a course by using navigational skills to find all the "control points," or checkmarks, prior to finishing the trail.

You're aren't limited to a game of orienteering on foot, as the park encourages challengers to bike or even ski to find various control points, and all events are timed, adding to the competitiveness! Canmore Nordic Centre Park is one of the most accommodating locations for participating in orienteering, as there are multiple courses available that range in difficulty, distance and time; if your family or travel party is looking for an outdoor activity that's a tad more stimulating than a leisurely stroll along the hiking trails, it's time to see what the hype around orienteering is all about.

Master the Disc

If orienteering seems a little more intense than what you're feeling for your Canmore Nordic Centre Park experience, why not try a rousing, yet laid-back round of disc golf? Anyone can appreciate an afternoon spent pacing around the beautiful landscape while still actively engaging in a competitive sport that isn't too demanding.

Canmore Nordic Centre Park features an 18-hole disc golf course that expands across the outdoor terrain through forests and trails while the mountainous surroundings provide the ultimate backdrop. They even have their own 9-hole winter disc golf course, for those who never will let a temperature drop get in the way of their favourite game.

Canmore Nordic Centre Park also offers on-site equipment sales for anyone suddenly having the urge to partake in this relaxing pastime.

Tour the Training Centre

You don't have to be a top-notch Olympic athlete to roam the headquarters for a variety of professional Canadian winter sportspersons.

The Bill Warren Training Centre is the home of many athletes trying to professionally train for their respected winter sports, and the facility is also available to rent for any private parties or get-togethers you're looking to host.

There's an Olympic-sized weight room on site, in case you're curious to see how the pros train, as well as a number of other rehabilitation and workout areas that have been used by Olympic athletes of the past.

The Bill Warren Training Centre is an ideal checkpoint within the park, perfect for everything from renting out for special occasions to catching a glimpse of professional athletes training.

Perfect Your Trip

The only thing that can make a trip out to Canmore Nordic Centre Park is staying in a rental home that will make you feel one with the surrounding wilderness.

There are plenty of ideal properties within a short distance of the park's grounds, ranging from multi-room vacation homes overlooking the mountains to cozier luxury condos with exclusive views of the outdoors.

Finding the Canmore rental house of your dreams will truly make this trip unforgettable.

Get Guided

If you're ever feeling like you're missing out on witnessing some supreme scenery or potential wildlife sightings, hook up with the pros and take part in a guided tour or lesson.

Licensed staff rangers and instructors are always on site to show you the way to scope out all the most breathtaking spots within the park's premises, whether you're trying embarking on a hiking trail or want to ski across the snowy terrain. Seeking out a guided tour is also the best way to catch a glimpse of everything from cougars, coyotes, wolves, lynx, elk to even the occasional bear!

Best of all, it doesn't matter what time of year it is, you'll always be able to utilize the services of the informative and accommodating staff working at Canmore Nordic Centre Park.

Become a Biathlete

For those unaware of the sport, the combination of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting that is the essence of a biathlon may seem unusual, and perhaps a tad dangerous. But for anyone who has experience in this one-of-a-kind activity, Canmore Nordic Centre Park has the grounds, facilities and instructors to accommodate avid and amateur biathletes alike.

The Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park Biathlon Range features 31 firing lanes with official electronic targets used in the Olympic games, as well as the Ruedi Setz Memorial Range that hosts an additional 21 firing lanes. Visitors can also access the paved rollerski loop and biathlon competition trails to get the full feel of a biathlon competition, and daily passes are available throughout the winter.

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