Map of free things to do & selected vacation rentals in Montreal

If you're looking for one of the most exciting places for a holiday, look no further than the thriving city of Montreal with its endless possibilities for fun and adventure.

The city is rich with history and culture as well as delicious and diverse meal options, excellent shopping and fun for all. Throughout the year, Montreal hosts a variety of exciting festivals celebrating music, the city and everything in between.

No matter what you're hoping to log on your itinerary for Montreal, you may be concerned about the costs adding up. As amazing as taking a holiday can be, the prices of transportation, attractions and lodging add up fast. If you're hoping to be more economical when visiting this Quebec city.

Visit museums and galleries of free days

It's always an adventure to visit the local museums and galleries of a city, especially if you're a history or art buff, or if you just enjoy learning more about the spots you're staying in. Entrance fees can get pretty pricey, especially for a whole group, but many museums offer free or pay-what-you-can days or nights so you can still enjoy the exhibits and displays while you're in Montreal.

Explore the great outdoors

Whether you enjoy the warmth of the sun or don't mind the cold, spending time outdoors can always feel like a treat. Fresh air, lovely natural scenery and wide, open spaces can ease the highest of stress levels, no matter if you're taking a simple stroll or an exhilarating hike.

The best part about getting outside is that it doesn't cost anything, and when you're visiting a new city, it's always a pleasure to see what its landscapes have to offer.

Take self-guided walking tours

Montreal is filled with amazing things to see and do, from beautiful architecture to mouthwatering eats and everything in between. It can be challenging to fit everything in during just one trip, especially if the budget it tight.

A terrific way to see a large portion on Montreal for little to no money is to take a self-guided walking tour. Bring along maps of local areas or ask Montreal natives what the must-sees are and plan an adventure for yourself and your travel mates.

The gallery of things to see & places to visit in Montreal

montreal streets

montreal quebec

montreal quebec

montreal quebec

montreal quebec

montreal quebec

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- Street of Old City
- Old City at night
- Street art graffiti
- Place d'Armes
- Waterfront Lighthouse
- Habitat 67
- Panorama view
- St Joseph's Oratory
- Notre Dame Basilica
- Downtown historic site
- City Hall Hotel de Ville (see inside)
- Mary Queen of the World Cathedral
- Biosphere
- Sunset view from Mont Royal