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Based on earnings for the top 5% of HomeAway owners, you can earn up to $73,000 per year

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Reach over 44 million travelers each month

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Choose which payment plan is best for you between annual subscription or pay per booking 

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If your property is located outside of Canada

us List on HomeAway

Your listing will be displayed on both and
All prices are in USD


If your property is located in Canada

ca List on CanadaStays

Listing on CanadaStays includes a listing on
All prices are in CAN$


  •   Why am I being asked to list my property on CanadaStays if my property is in Canada?

    HomeAway is partnering with CanadaStays, Canada’s largest vacation rental marketplace. List your property on CanadaStays and your property will have access to millions of Canadian travelers looking specifically for a vacation rental.

  •   What does it cost?

    There are 2 ways to advertise your property:
    1. Annual subscription: You pay $499 annually and get unlimited bookings with no commissions.
    2. Pay Per Booking: List your property for free and pay only 8% commission per booking.

  •   Can I list on and still get exposure in Canada?

    Yes, if your property is located within the United States you can still list on where you will get exposure throughout the HomeAway Network that includes Canada.

  •   Do I get billed by HomeAway or CanadaStays? In US or CAD currency?

    CanadaStays is a Canadian company. They only work in Canadian dollars and will take care of all your account and billing needs.