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HomeAway brings more peace of mind to your holiday with our Book with Confidence Guarantee, which offers powerful benefits when you complete your booking online and finalise payment on

Complete your booking online and finalise payment on HomeAway.

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Book with Confidence Guarantee?

Most of our listings are eligible for this protection — just look for the Book with Confidence Guarantee icon on the property’s listing page.

Remember that only bookings made online through the HomeAway site and paid for using a registered payment method are eligible for coverage by the Book with Confidence Guarantee. This coverage is offered at no additional cost.

What is a registered payment method?

While many of our listings accept online payment with a credit card directly through HomeAway, we allow properties to designate alternate accepted methods of payment. If an alternate method of payment is used, you will receive detailed payment instructions from the owner or property manager for your booking on HomeAway’s website.

Supported payment methods:
Credit card, PayPal, bank-to-bank transfer, personal cheque, e-cheque, Chèques-Vacances, national credit card, MOIP, Bcash, MercadoPago, PagSeguro, ELV/SEPA direct debit, Pagos en linea PSE, PayU Latam, iDeal, BPay.

Never pay by cash, cheques made out to cash, or instant money transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

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What is protected under the Book with Confidence Guarantee?

Up to 100% of the rental amount paid

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If this is your first time booking
through HomeAway, visit our
How it Works page to learn more.

Security deposit protection

100% of your security deposit is covered if it’s wrongfully withheld.

Comprehensive payment protection

Protects 100% of your payment against things like listing fraud, phishing, property significantly misrepresented, wrongful denial of entry, or uninhabitable property upon arrival.

Emergency rebooking assistance

Find another holiday home should your booking be cancelled by an owner or manager at the last minute.

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