Q: Determining if a listing is legitimate
A: We want travelers to feel comfortable and confident when renting a property through our community of websites. HomeAway, Inc. is proud to offer extra security through our HomeAway Carefree Rental Guarantee! It offers our travelers additional protection and peace of mind starting at only $39 (US dollars).

The Carefree Rental Guarantee from HomeAway guarantees 100% of a traveler’s payment up to $10,000 in the event of internet fraud, material misrepresentation, bankruptcy or foreclosure, wrongful denial of entry, and wrongful deposit loss. Once your booking is confirmed with the owner, you should register your trip here. The price depends on the cost of your rental. Click here and enter the total amount of your vacation rental payments to calculate your price.

While there is always a degree of risk with any internet transaction, HomeAway, Inc. is committed to providing you with the safest experience. To help ease your comfort level, we recommend the following:
  • Ask the owners to provide references from past renters
  • Ask for more information about the property including additional photos and the actual physical location
  • Request a signed rental agreement and review it carefully
  • Recognize that wiring money to owners via Western Union or MoneyGram is not safe (It is also not allowed in our terms and conditions and not a payment protected by the Guarantee)
  • Always speak to an owner or property manager by phone before sending payment for a booking.