Q: How to protect your trip
A: We want you to rent with confidence each time you inquire about and ultimately book a vacation rental. HomeAway offers what we believe is the leading vacation rental guarantee in the industry which offers travelers protection and peace of mind.

The Carefree Rental Guarantee from HomeAway guarantees 100% of a traveler’s payment up to $10,000 in the event of internet fraud, material misrepresentation, bankruptcy or foreclosure, wrongful denial of entry, and wrongful deposit loss. Once your booking is confirmed with the owner, you should register your trip here. The price depends on the cost of your rental. Click here and enter the total amount of your vacation rental payments to calculate your price.

To protect your trip, please follow the 2 simple steps below:

1. Inquire about a vacation rental through HomeAway and reserve your vacation rental dates.

2. Next, register and pay for the Carefree Rental Guarantee. Although you can purchase the Carefree Rental Guarantee up to two (2) days before your arrival, we encourage you to register as soon as possible!

In the registration process, you will provide us with some details about your trip, including:
  • Property ID
  • Travel dates
  • Deposit and rental amount paid to the owner

Please remember, you must register your trip online here.

Our customer service team is unable to accept registrations over the phone.