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by Tomek Baginski

If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, look no further than Muskoka, Ontario. Just a few hours away from Toronto, Muskoka is the perfect weekend destination for families looking to kick back and relax on a weekend filled with outdoor fun. Being so easy to get to, Muskoka is often referred to as “cottage country” because of the amount of city dwellers who own or rent homes on the many lakes for weekend retreats. The best time to take advantage of Muskoka is in the months of July and August because the lakes have warmed up and the black fly and mosquito seasons will have passed, leaving you with sunny days and pest-free nights.

Muskoka from MILapse shared on; "National Geographic named Muskoka Cottage Country in Ontario Canada the '#1 Best Trip of Summer 2011'"


Endless Fun on Muskoka’s Lakes

The District of Muskoka has more than 2,000 lakes (photos) for you and your family to explore and the opportunities are endless for activities and adventures.

Beaches. Whether you can’t get enough of swimming or you prefer lounging in the sun, Muskoka’s pristine beaches will appeal to the whole family. There are more than 30 beaches that are ideal for families to enjoy the gorgeous mirror-like lakes that sprawl across the district. Most of Muskoka’s public beaches feature picnic tables, restrooms, barbecuers and playgrounds. Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to just swimming, though - the beaches may also have docking and boat launch areas available for canoeing, kayaking or sailing.

Boating & Water Sports. With so much water available, why would you limit yourself to being land-bound? Whether you prefer motors, paddles or sails - all boating enthusiasts can get out on the water for a weekend of fun; boating resources of Muskoka can be found on this page (look at right hand side bar list of marinas on the bottom of the Boating page). If you don’t have your own boat, you can easily rent one from one of many local marinas. You can sign up for rowing classes or even earn your boater license through training that is available right in Muskoka so that you can take your family out on a private voyage without the assistance of a guide! The opportunities for wakeboarding, water skiing, knee boarding and wakeskating are considered to be some of the best in Canada and certainly in Ontario. Throughout the summer, camps are available to teach both children and adults how to partake in these fun aquatic thrills.

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Navigating through Muskoka

Muskoka is made up of mostly small towns nestled among the thousands of lakes in the district. The largest municipalities, though, are the towns of Huntsville, Lake of Bays and Gravenhurst. Busses, like the Ontario Northlander, and trains on the Polar Bear Express run into Muskoka, and taxi services are available within and between towns as well. If you are looking to get out to the more remote lakes or to stay in a smaller town, though, you may want to consider either driving yourself or renting a car once you arrive. The district is also reachable by air via the Muskoka Airport; for details and more transport services options, please visit Muskoka transportation page.

Best Lodging Options

Muskoka Cottages from shared on; cottages are the most desirable logging choice in Muskoka.

If you’re visiting Muskoka, chances are that you are there to get away from your daily stressors so you can kick back, relax and enjoy the great outdoors. There are plenty of Muskoka cottage rentals to choose from so that after a long day of water skiing or boating, you can enjoy a leisurely dinner and watch the sunset across a lake from your porch. Whether you are looking for something rustic and secluded, or you want all the modern conveniences and amenities available to you, there is sure to be the perfect cottage waiting to welcome you and your family home for your weekend retreat.

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